Les and Mary perform

"There's No Place Like Home" with some classic add libbing.

GP: I watched dad and Mary perform this novelty tune on stage, and it caught the audience off guard at first but ended up cracking everyone up!


The Entertainer

Les Paul & Mary Ford


Medley of Les & Mary' NEW SOUND

Medley of Les's NEW SOUND

Dad always had a guitar in his hands while he was at home.  While in the kitchen I noticed he was playing the same musical phrase over and over again on the record player and then playing it on his guitar for days at end.  I asked who he was listening to and he said, Django Reinhardt, who I found out later was his idol.  Three weeks later we were performing in Las Vegas, and during the show I swear I heard Django's phrase that dad was practicing.  So when we got off the stage, I asked dad, did I hear Django's phrase?  He smiled and said,

"Yeah . . . .  but it's my phrase now."  

Dads way of telling me that's the way it works.

Some extra pictures with Gene

Les Paul and Mary Ford LISTERINE® TV Show

The story goes that Les Paul  relocated from Hollywood, California to New Jersey specifically to do the show because Mahwah was close to the headquarters of the Lambert Company, which made LISTERINE®  Antiseptic in the early 1950s.   (The merger that would make them into Warner-Lambert happened in 1955.)  Apparently, the Lambert Company president had heard Les Paul and Mary Ford’s hit song “How High the Moon?” and loved it so much that he came up with the idea for a LISTERINE®  – sponsored TV show broadcast from the couple’s home five days a week.  Les Paul accepted, and moved to NJ.  

Les & Mary's  Vaya Con Dios

The Les Paulverizer

People listen with their eyes!


There’s a great scene in the Les Paul documentary

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Starting in 1952, the LISTERINE®  Brand sponsored Les Paul and Mary Ford at Home, a ground-breaking five-minute long network television show broadcast from Les Paul’s home in Mahwah, New Jersey.  (That's not a typo -- the episodes were only five minutes long!)  Each episode featured Les Paul and his wife Mary Ford, and some absolutely amazing, incredible guitar playing.  The show ran for 170 episodes.